Industry’s Only Technology for Fully Automating Multi-Tier Deployments in any Environment; Install and Configure in Minutes

Grenoble, France, March 22, 2011 – UShareSoft today announced its new Elastic Appliances which automatically configure complex, multi-tier software solutions in just a few minutes. Elastic Appliances, the next generation of software appliances, are built with UShareSoft’s unique Open Appliance Studio framework – the only technology capable of fully automating multi-tier deployments in any cloud or virtualized environment. Elastic Appliances encapsulate operating system, middleware, application and the configuration blueprint into a self-contained, self-deployable software image that may include several configuration scenarios. They are ideal for ISVs looking to generate new revenue streams, accelerate sales cycles and streamline their development processes.

With UShareSoft Elastic Appliances, ISVs can eliminate complexity from customer deployments through automated “hands off” software configuration, while ensuring flexibility at the last mile. Traditionally, ISVs have faced lengthy manual or semi-automated scripting processes to detail their configuration blueprints, often followed by time-consuming configuration at the customer site. In addition, existing solutions typically support only monolithic deployments on a single node, rather than distributed environments.

Open Appliance Studio, on the other hand, fully automates post-installation configuration processes and abstracts the configuration environment such as passwords, IP addresses, port numbers etc. At installation, a user with minimal IT expertise can follow a simple, step-by-step, browser-based wizard to customize these variables. The appliance then automatically configures the complete software solution. An ISV can also include multiple configuration scenarios for single-node, multi-node or even multi-tier deployments, enabling the end user to choose their preferred blueprint at installation.

“We worked with UShareSoft to build a pre-packaged image of SpagoBI Suite to be deployed on different target environments,” said Stefano Scamuzzo, SpagoBI International Manager at Engineering Group. “UShareSoft provides us with an easy and flexible way to distribute our solution on physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.”

“Software appliances offer a significant opportunity for ISVs to grow revenue, enabling them to reach new customers, simplify software evaluation and accelerate sales cycles,” said Brett Waldman, Sr. Research Analyst, System Software, IDC. “They also provide an efficient development and test platform, allowing ISVs to take their products to market faster and more cost effectively.”

Using Open Appliance Studio and the company’s flagship UForge Appliance Factory, ISVs can provide Elastic Appliances on any operating system for any physical, virtual or cloud environment, including Amazon, VMware,, Eucalyptus, Windows Server Virtualization, OVF, Citrix Xen and many more.

UShareSoft is also making a number of Elastic Appliances freely available for download to showcase Open Appliance Studio. Developed in conjunction with JasperSoft, SpagoBI, and Talend, these Elastic Appliances will enable ISVs to quickly test drive the benefits of Open Appliance Studio for themselves. Two complete “private cloud in a box” Elastic Appliances based on’s CloudStack Community Edition and Eucalyptus are also available.

About UShareSoft

UShareSoft simplifies the way IT professionals deliver software. We make it easy for individual developers, system administrators and professionals to automate the creation and deployment of software templates and images for VMware, Amazon, IBM CloudBurst, Eucalyptus, and other environments. UForge Appliance Factory provides the best OS- and image format-agnostic platform to assemble self-deployable distributed appliances for on-demand application delivery. UShareSoft tools are helping ISVs and enterprises in their transition phase to the cloud.  For more information, visit


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