Install Your Enterprise App Store for SUSE Cloud Private Cloud Infrastructure

Extend SUSE Cloud with UShareSoft's Hybrid Cloud Management Platform. By downloading the UForge Cloud Portal for SUSE Cloud you will have access to a free branded Enterprise App Store. This includes additional freemium tools for building, migrating replicating and running identical cloud machine images within SUSE Cloud infrastructure and to other cloud (private or public) or virtualization environments.

The UForge Cloud Portal for SUSE Cloud will soon be available for download. Stay tuned!

UForge Cloud Portal is packaged as a VM and can be run as part of your SUSE Cloud infrastructure. UShareSoft's UForge Cloud Portal provides:

UForge Cloud Portal for SUSE

UForge is a self-service hybrid cloud software management platform. It enables converged software management, by consolidating the full software stack into a single, integrated software template and allowing you to automatically build, replicate and run simple applications or complex IT solutions across many cloud or virtual environments.

UShareSoft's UForge Cloud Portal can be installed as a single VM on SUSE Cloud. Once installed users can sign-up for free accounts.

UForge Cloud Portal communicates with UForge Online that contains three core modules:

UForge Factory

Using the Cloud Portal “point and click” interface or APIs, build and maintain complete software stack templates on Linux or Windows. Automatically create templates with JeOS, include configuration logic and boot scripts, and execute OS updates or rollbacks using a complete repository of all native OS packages, updated daily.

UForge Migration

Scan and replicate live physical, virtual or cloud servers to any cloud environment, or model as a template for updating or extending.

UForge Marketplace

Offer your enterprise branded App Store for SUSE Cloud with enterprise software on-demand such as over 30 OS base images, or pre-packaged open source applications for instant Run or customization (Clone).

UForge Cloud Portal can be installed as a single VM on SUSE Cloud. UForge is a self-service, multi-tenant platform that lets you build, replicate and run any software for SUSE Cloud: