Only Company to Fully Model Enterprise Software for Hybrid IT Environments

Grenoble, France, September 13, 2018 – UShareSoft, a Fujitsu company and leader in Hybrid IT application automation, today announces the availability of the industry’s only platform for fully modeling both application stacks and their deployment infrastructure “as code.” This will make it easier than ever for enterprise customers to deploy and manage applications agnostically across multi-cloud environments, helping increase business agility as part of digital transformation, without sacrificing governance and control.

The new platform underlines Fujitsu’s focus on strengthening multi-cloud integration and operations services to address the growing industry-wide cloud skills gap. A recent survey of IT decision makers commissioned by Fujitsu found that more than 70 percent of respondents find it challenging to transform their IT to meet business needs, while an even greater number, 75 percent, struggle to identify where governance has not been followed.

To help organizations meet these challenges, UShareSoft’s UForge AppCenter provides a “model once, run anywhere” approach to cloud application delivery and management. Customers enjoy greater agility—running applications to support business priorities, without getting locked into a specific vendor—while ensuring full visibility and governance over their software. Through partnering with an extensive choice of cloud vendors spanning multiple hyperscale services and platforms, Fujitsu offers organizations hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments with a comprehensive line-up of integration and operations services.

Supporting Fujitsu’s multi-cloud strategy, UForge already offers the ability to model full application stacks—operating system, middleware and application—as cloud-neutral templates. It now also lets customers build these individual templates into solution blueprints of complex application deployments, often known as “infrastructure as code”, which can be run across multiple clouds and data centers.

Upcoming enhancements to blueprinting in UForge will improve availability and uptime, helping raise service levels and minimizing data loss. Users will be able to integrate sensors and policies into blueprints, enabling autonomic operations, such as in-life self-monitoring and self-regulation, autonomous healing and the ability to switch applications over to different clouds if needed.

UShareSoft is integrating Apache Brooklyn, an open-source framework for modeling, deploying and managing distributed applications, into UForge AppCenter to provide blueprinting and autonomics, working closely with Cloudsoft, the company behind Apache Brooklyn.

The latest UForge AppCenter 3.8.6 release includes the first blueprinting features and functionality, with more to come in future releases. UForge AppCenter 3.8.6 also includes:

  • Automated “one-click” migration to cloud: a new, streamlined workflow which enables the user to migrate live servers to cloud with a single click
  • Support for Red Hat OpenShift, allowing users to publish Docker containers directly from UForge
  • Integration with Vault for managing secrets to improve cloud security

Alban Richard, CEO, UShareSoft, says: “The cloud is based on modelling and automation. By integrating new blueprinting features, we’re extending both of these within UForge. Our customers can now fully model their software in a cloud-agnostic way, from low-level repositories up to complex solution blueprints, and automate their processes from application build through to monitoring and management in the cloud.”


UForge AppCenter 3.8.6 is now globally available.

About UForge AppCenter

UForge AppCenter supports enterprise digital transformation, enabling customers to increase agility and avoid vendor lock in, without sacrificing governance and control. With unique application modeling and full automation, it provides:

  • Application deployment: model, build and deploy applications for cloud
  • Application release automation: integrate with other DevOps tools to provide continuous software delivery
  • Application migration: audit live workloads and automatically migrate to cloud

About UShareSoft

A global leader in Hybrid IT application automation, UShareSoft helps enterprises with their digital transformation by simplifying and accelerating application delivery and management for data centers and cloud. Headquartered in France, UShareSoft has been a Fujitsu company since 2015. Visit: Follow:


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